Helmar Klink

Helmar has been an international tax advisor for 35 years, based in Amsterdam, New York and Paris. He has worked on a wide variety of  transactions, for corporate, institutional, PE and high net worth individual clients. The last 18 years, many of his clients were Asian clients. He has traveled extensively throughout Asia, advising Asian clients on their European investments, capital market structures, and their sales and distribution structures (tax efficient operating models). Helmar has been leading Asian Think Tanks for many years, and is known not only for his technical knowledge, but also for his original solutions. His experience has given him a fine sense for balancing simplicity, tax efficiency and minimizing risk.

Various publications such as International Tax Review have consistently listed Helmar Klink in their annual World Tax Reviews as one of the leading tax advisors in the Netherlands. He recently retired as head of the Asia practice of one of the Big 4 consulting firms.

In addition to international tax, Helmar developed a name as macroeconomic and geopolitical commentator, and was interviewed on Grexit, Brexit, and the Euro for Dutch TV, radio and other media. Until recently, he was the lead economist in EMEIA for one of the Big 4 consulting firms.

With his pragmatic approach, deep know how and international experience, Helmar can assist you on corporate tax matters, optimization of your overall tax structure and questions of economic strategy.

Master in Economic Science from the Erasmus University

Master in Law from the University of Amsterdam.