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Technology, Media and Telecoms are heavily disrupted by global digitalization. The use of digital capabilities in technology accelerates the development of technology and aligns technology with experience. Media are disrupted in the first wave of digitalization and nowadays we are used to streaming music, movies, news, literature, learning, etc.

Currently in the second wave of disruption convergence, user base and content competition will be decisive for the suppliers and media we use and enjoy in the future. Chat apps and digitalization in general disrupted the telecoms industry on a global scale and instead of voice and messaging data is now the main component of telecoms offerings.

Telecoms are the root of all what is digital so they are a key parameter in the pace of development and disruption. With ever faster telecommunication services (e.g. 5G plus, quantum communication) more possibilities for development and disruption of industries in the field of online, mobile, mobility and Internet Of Things are on the horizon.

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