Impact Brexit

Brexit is a fact since the 1st of February 2021. Different scenarios are possible but in the preparation at least a no-deal hard Brexit preparation is recommended. This means a customs border, a regulatory vacuum, visa requirements, treaties and trade deals under the EU umbrella, thousands of new UK laws replacing the old ones which are aligned and harmonized with EU laws.

How do you keep your goods moving in the EU and in and out of the UK? Can you obtain an EU EORI number next to your UK EORI number? How do you avoid long waiting lines at the border and how do you obtain the right licenses to get through borders? How do you avoid double customs and VAT payments? Is your data correctly stored in the UK or in the EU? Do your people have the permits to stay? Are your products licensed to enter the market in the EU or the UK? Are your contracts still valid if they refer to EU regulations? Does your European strategy still stand if you operate from mainly the UK. Do you have access to the EU market with your main operations established in the UK?

The impact is huge and there are many areas that are impacted. We can help you with your Brexit preparations on every level and on every topic. Contact us and find out.

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Duy Nguyen